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Sciatica Pain

Get Relief From Pain without Medication

Sciatica pain is a discomfort that persists for more than several months, typically exceeding the normal healing duration. Those suffering from sciatica pain typically notice pain that travels from their low back down both of their legs, causing difficulties throughout their everyday life. 

At Anesu Restorative Care, we employ a blend of advanced treatments to address the root cause of your sciatica pain.

Through our program, patients are now discovering relief from:​

  • Inflammation

  • Compressed Nerves

  • Tingling and Numbing Sensations

  • Instability

  • Future Flare-ups 


If you are experiencing sciatica pain, Anesu Restorative Care offers a specialized relief program tailored to your needs. Our skilled staff can craft a therapy plan targeting the underlying cause of your specific condition, without resorting to risky opioid medications or invasive surgery. Our objective is to address and reverse the condition, rather than simply masking it with medications.

Embark on your journey towards recovery from sciatica pain today by scheduling an appointment!

Get Rid of Your Sciatica Pain

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