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Neuropathy Pain Relief

Modern Solutions for Pins-and-Needle Pain

Peripheral neuropathy, commonly known as neuropathy, is a condition that disrupts the normal function of the nerves causing weakness, pain, tingling, numbness.


The condition results when one or several nerve cells are damaged or destroyed. Symptoms you experience depend on the number and types of nerves involved and vary from mild to severe. 


Our program helps relieve:

  • Tingling, Numbness, and Burning in the Hands or Feet

  • Sharp, Stabbing Pain

  • Muscle Weakness

  • Difficulty Walking

  • Muscle Weakness

Anesu Restorative Care is here to help. Our advanced program focuses on reducing your pain and discomfort without the use of dangerous opioids and invasive procedures. Our goal is to help your body repair damaged nerves, stop, and even reverse the condition of neuropathy. Be among the many patients who have achieved real and lasting relief and call for an appointment today.

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